About Us

With Monster Cleaning Fulham your property cleaning requirements are handled by the most dedicated and experienced professionals around. We have taken the time and effort to organise and provide an efficient and reliable service which is worth customers’ time and money. We leave nothing to chance and take the guesswork out of cleaning, no matter how basic or complex the task at hand. With us private and business clients can rest assured they receive excellent cleaning solutions at reasonable pricing. Working with us is straightforward and totally hassle-free, our services are specially designed to wrap around individual needs, budget and availability. No fuss.

We value the importance of punctuality and reliability. Being an established and reputable service provider with years of industry experience we never miss our mark. Our customers have always enjoyed a punctual and efficient service which delivers the promised (and expected) results as well as that much needed peace of mind and reliability. Furthermore, we have always made sure our cleaners and equipment are top notch and always ready to perform at their best. Our cleaning technicians are skilled and dedicated professionals who know their work inside out. We train them in the safe and efficient use and application of industry certified cleaning systems so our clients receive nothing short of the best services results without margin for error or risk of damage.

At Monster Cleaning Fulham we consider our customers to be our most valuable asset and we like to keep it that way. In our opinion adequate customer care is crucial for the success of any business operation, including ours. This is why our private and business clients enjoy adequate and timely advice and assistance provided by attentive and reliable consultants via phone and email, all week round.

Last but not least we have an eye for fine detail and pay attention to what our clients have to say. We always aim to cover our customers’ cleaning requirements in the most professional and unobtrusive fashion. We modify our services as per individual needs and wants in order to provide a flexible and convenient solution for homes, offices and establishments. We intend to keep up the good work in future and expand our service range with even more excellent solutions at an excellent price. Monster Cleaning Fulham looks forward to working together with all existing and future customers, making everyone part of a better service experience!